Bring Our Shows To Your Place!

Sarasota Jewish Theatre has three plays that are available for performances at condo communities, libraries, synagogues, and community organizations. These performances can be used for fundraisers for your organizations. For information, contact Sandra Musicante at or 941-351-5246.


This thought-provoking and humorous production is based on poetry by award-winning Sarasota poet Linda Albert. Albert’s poetry is a chorus of heartwarming, lusty, poignant, introspective, and thoroughly human stories, exploring the thoughts, feelings, and wit of people as they reflect on the seasons of life and the journey that brought them to the present moment.

The experiences of aging are universal and not religious or gender specific. The play is designed to engage everyone as it stimulates memories, illuminates the passages of life, and validates thoughts and feelings. As the audience shares laughter and reflects on their own life’s journey, they will experience a deepening sense of community. Charting the Lost Continent is a staged, hour-long reading performed by five professional women actors directed by India Marie Paul.

Charting the Lost Continent is supported in part by a teaching artist grant to Carole Kleinberg from The Johnson Singer Arts and Education Fund, a program of the Floyd C Johnson and Flo Singer Johnson Foundation. 


The Rest of the Story is a one-act comedy featuring a very old Eve being interviewed by a journalist for a retrospective on her life. The interview takes place in the Garden of Eden Park, just across the river from the assisted living facility where Eve resides. As the journalist asks questions, it becomes clear that Eve has been holding a lifetime of resentments. “Why did HE get all the credit when I did all the work? Who do you think named the animals? He said Farfoonick, but I said, NO! Elephant!” The revelations come fast and furious as the journalist brings up a past that includes the infamous snake, and Lilith, the woman who shall not be named. This well-written, humorous, and introspective play is directed by SJT Artistic Director Carole Kleinberg. Post-performance discussion about who writes the “HisStory.”


In the early 20th century, Jewish people immigrating to America were often overwhelmed and confused by their new lives. Many found guidance through The Bintel Brief, a Yiddish advice column found in the Daily Forward newspaper and written by the paper’s founding editor, Abraham Cahan. The Bintel Briefs – Memories and Melodies is a staged reading with music, bringing to life the warm, humorous, poignant and deeply human letters from that advice column. Written and directed by Alice Cotman and fine-tuned by Carolyn Michel, it features David Meyersburg as Cahan. Delightful Yiddish music favorites, performed by Rosalie Leon, evoke the rich life of the “greenhorns” on the lower east side of New York City at the turn of the century.